An Accidental Homicide

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The only thing more deadly than the Chicago Mob is a United States Marine whose best friend they just killed.

Shots echo down the brick canyon walls of Wrigleyville. Jess Archer runs toward the sound, hoisting her scuffed leather briefcase as a battering ram, shoving meat and chrome out of her path. Skidding to a stop in front of her home, she identifies her best friend and business partner lying face up on the dirty sidewalk, a bloody third eye staring blindly into a bright winter sky.

When the charred body of a second programmer is located twelve hours later among the smoldering remains of Archer’s home, the Chicago Mob wants her head because this dead man is one of their own.

Unraveling the thread connecting the two murders leads Archer a thousand miles south, where she learns the mob killed the wrong coder, and they are sending an army to remedy the mistake. Archer discovers too late that she can’t run from trouble on an island.

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