Bobby’s War

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Bobby's War RKFAdams A Jess Archer Island Adventure.
Deputy Bobby Ellis takes no prisoners when rival drug cartels bring their war to his island.

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Rival cartels bring their war to the Hillbilly Riviera, but they’ll damn sure find out that you can’t run from trouble on an island.

google map of Chico Bayou where Port Bryant Marina operates.

Chico Bayou, home to Port Bryant Marina, owned and operated by Robert “Bear” Bryant, retired Marine. Demolition and amphibious hobbyist.

The Spanish King’s Finest Jewel

I stole an excerpt from Curren and Dodson’s page regarding their work mapping the history of Bayou Chico. Take the time, read the page. Either click on the map above or link is in above title.

A brilliant Mexican mathematician, scientist, and priest visited Bayou Chico on Pensacola Bay in 1693. The good Rev. Dr. Carlos de Siguenza y Gongora was sent to map Pensacola Bay by the King of Spain and the Viceroy of Mexico. During his cartographic research, Siguenza was overcome by the beauty of a body of water off the bay that is known today known as Bayou Chico. He pronounced it the most beautiful place in all of the Spanish Empire. The scientist of the king stated that Bayou Chico was:

“… the finest jewel possessed by his Majesty … not only here in America but in all his kingdom.”

That was, indeed, a bold statement. At the time, the Spanish Empire spanned three oceans and portions of three continents. Apparently, today’s Bayou Chico was, in the 1600s, an extraordinarily beautiful place in the eyes of the Professor Siguenza.

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