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The first book in the island series is ready and she’s a beaut. Grab and go for those long lazy days on the beach, trapped on an airplane, waiting for Godot.

Playing With Fire

Poor people on the other end of GoDaddy help have worked really hard to fix my problem.

Strength is not given, it is something you build

So this happened… “Fear, Worry, Anxiety, are nothing more than conspiracy theories about yourself. They are a poor use of imagination, they make for a poor life.” ___ “What you think about you bring about. All thoughts of… Read More

Liberation of a Lost Life

So this happened. The Liberation of A Lost Life The Liberation of a Lost Life is an insight into the failures of our society and how it impacts the individual. In turn, the individual can impact the… Read More

Modernism is Dead

Point: Modernism has failed us. My heroes have always possessed honor, a sense of community, of family, of country, of propriety. How did we go from hunger strikes for property rights to public park riots for the pretentious… Read More

Short Story While Avoiding Work

“I’m going to disappoint you, Larry, but you knew that already.” Cheryl said as she approached the desk sergeant sitting behind bulletproof glass. Sergeant Larry Deckard, Cheryl’s brother, looked up in surprise at the pleasant sound of his… Read More

CTA Map to Lost Key

I am currently sitting in an apartment in Ocala, Florida. I am here on personal business and have a little downtime so am working on latest manuscript which has been in a holding pattern for two months. I’ve… Read More

Spiders of Lost Key

It’s that time of year when spiders begin their annual migration into my home. No chemical barrier short of DDT will stop this influx. They sense my terror. It is in their DNA, or maybe they can smell… Read More

Mother’s Day

Think of all the women in your life to whom you owe a debt of gratitude for deeds done / words said that gave you comfort or in some way were a benefit great or small. No matter… Read More

Maybe the dark ages won’t be so bad…

This would be less embarrassing if I hadn’t spent over 25 years building custom software for companies great and small. I have desktops, laptops, tablets, portable computers with phone capability, And I still hate them all. Give… Read More