CTA Map to Lost Key

I am currently sitting in an apartment in Ocala, Florida. I am here on personal business and have a little downtime so am working on latest manuscript which has been in a holding pattern for two months. I’ve finally gotten a slot assignment from the tower, but there are a lot of wings in front of me. In case you missed the metaphor, I am finally back in the saddle and working.

However, I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to get from State Street to the 3800 block of North Paulina, city of Chicago. The sad thing is, I know this route. I know the city, I know my neighborhood, I know both the Howard and the Ravenswood lines. I know (knew – preconsolidation) my precinct and ward. I knew how to get to Wrigley, Comiskey, The Stadium, client sites, the Pump Room, the Daley Center (depending on the offense), and traffic court.

When I live in a place for any length of time, I forget street names, forget compass points; an internal auto-pilot guides me to my destination. And because I am currently in Ocala, I can’t hop on the Ryan, drive into the city and start trainspotting. No, I am relegated to the CTA online interactive mapping system, built by the same douchebags who brought us the non-functional ACA software for 3 trillion dollars. I also have the googlez so I can overlay the maps and figure out where my people are, where they are going, how they get there. With six map sessions open, I finally figured out where a character was arriving from when gunfire broke open the mid-winter quiet. Police like to know where you were, where you were going, what’s the blood on your shoes from, that kind of thing. Gotta have your information and your alibi ready and unassailable. And that’s not fiction. They are really nosy.

I’ve digressed long enough. Back to work. Question for the day: my son’s cat hates me. He’s a teenager boy cat who has not been neutered as of yet. Is this normal?

Sidenote: Do NOT ask me how to get somewhere because my skills at relaying useful directions are less than zero.


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