Liberation of a Lost Life

So this happened.

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Liberation of a Lost Life

The Liberation of A Lost Life

The Liberation of a Lost Life is an insight into the failures of our society and how it impacts the individual. In turn, the individual can impact the society, should we choose to evolve past our current circumstances. It is a look into how we can grow, what we can aspire to become, and why we need to develop the individual enough to impact a society. It is a book for those lost souls who feel out of place in their world, who yearn for freedom yet grovel in the remnants of a confused, dazed state of being. For those hopeless, daring few that want to change but may not currently know how. It is for the individual who has ever had thought, an idea about something they may like to do or become but knows not the how or even the why. It is for those that wish to be part of the momentum of a movement and create the Next Great Generation.

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