Spiders of Lost Key

It’s that time of year when spiders begin their annual migration into my home. No chemical barrier short of DDT will stop this influx. They sense my terror. It is in their DNA, or maybe they can smell my fear.

On my way upstairs with a fresh pot of tea in hand, I spy a huge spider (larger than a 50 cent piece) hanging on the white curtain. I quietly backed all the way out of the room, set my tea on the bathroom counter top, and dashed to the kitchen for RAID. Doesn’t matter what kind of RAID. Short of a .45 or a flamethrower, I trust the spray in the can.

Not caring if the liquid turned the curtains orange, I saturated the bastard until he fell off the curtain, and made a dash for the stairs. I trapped him in a corner and drowned him in RAID. This is a two step process. The second step is the vacuum. I hate the vacuum because I somehow injure myself every time I am near it, but in the spider eradication project, it is a vital tool – hence injury free.

When people say working at home is soooo much easier than living in an office cubical, I smack them with a boat oar. People I fear not. Spiders are alien.

Mother’s Day

Think of all the women in your life to whom you owe a debt of gratitude for deeds done / words said that gave you comfort or in some way were a benefit great or small. No matter if related by blood or by acquaintance. Take the time to say thank you.

We enjoyed a lovely cookout with the folks, men manning the grill, I made a chocolate torte, we shared stories and laughed. Most of all, we shared how much we love each other.

Maybe the dark ages won’t be so bad…

This would be less embarrassing if I hadn’t spent over 25 years building custom software for companies great and small. I have desktops, laptops, tablets, portable computers with phone capability, et.al. And I still hate them all. Give me those green on black/orange on black radiation screens that shimmied if your cubical was too near the bank of elevators. Give me Rocco and Mikey in the dungeon allocating space for us coding chimps.

This was brought on my a) building a wordpress.com site for my nascent career as a novelist (is that just too darling for words?), b) trying to wish Sara Hoyt GodSpeed on her upcoming surgery in the comment section on her site. Her site told me I already had an account and that I had to log in. Log in to what? Oy vey. I had forgotten all about this posting place until her WP yelled at me.
Whether I post often or rarely is an exciting question I’ll look forward to knowing the answer to. If you would like to read my debut novel before I yank it down, goto Book 2 on the menu.

I have to work on this permalink thing. Situation fubar update: DO NOT mess with permalinks if you do not know what they are. I rebuilt the website. If you ask me about backups, I will hunt you down and beat you.

Day 1

Trying to learn WordPress while creating a whole new world is, how can I put this, nuts.

RKF Adams Perdido Key

You can’t run from trouble on an island – Sheriff Bill Thornton